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RE: [XP] "coaching coaching"

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  • Wilson, Michael
    Thanks very much for all this everyone. There s an awful lot of really great information for me to wade through, I really appreciate it. I m going to spend
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 3, 2008
      Thanks very much for all this everyone. There's an awful lot of really
      great information for me to wade through, I really appreciate it.

      I'm going to spend some time chunking through all of this and see if I
      can't cobble together an interesting digest.

      - Mike

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      lol - this certainly contrast with my posting.

      I agree with your points Victor.

      The trick is knowing what is appropriate preparing, out of respect for
      people's time, and what is over preparing :-).

      Like - "Postpone decisions until the last responsible moment."
      There's a lot of art in discovering that point.


      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, "Victor" <vmgoldberg@...>
      > One more thing to what has been said here.
      > There is a common tendency for novice teachers/trainers to over
      prepare. Remember, the purpose of classes is that students learn, not
      for the teachers to show off how well they know the material. This
      should be reflected in the class plan. If the students are overwhelmed,
      they will not learn well. Good communication (which also means being a
      good listener) is of the essence. Minimize assumptions as to what they
      know by keeping a good dialog going. Arrogance and put downs are
      > I hope I didn't overwhelm anybody here. :-)
      > Victor
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      > Hi Mike,
      > Wilson, Michael wrote:
      > > I'm steeped in the practices of XP and their derivation from Agile
      > > principles, so I think I'll be as covered as I can reasonably be
      as far
      > > as raw material goes. But the dynamics of multi-day (much less
      > > multi-week) training has got to have a number of basic "gotchas"
      > > I'm going to run straight in to.
      > >
      > > Any advice on this? I confess I'm not quite sure what I'm asking
      > > It's just rather undiscovered territory.
      > Multi-Day / Multi-Week training can be a bit overwhelming. In my
      > position, I had to teach some extremely low-level courses that were
      > multi-day. Our workshop on Advanced .NET Debugging ripped the CLR
      > and even touched on assembly concepts - and was 4 intensive days
      for the
      > students. It was brutal.
      > The key to a successful class has several elements:
      > 1) You have to feel comfortable with the material. Not be an expert.

      > But be willing to look up things, discuss things, and follow
      through on
      > your research. You need to be the confident one, but also humble.
      > 2) The course should have definitive goals and check points. People
      > should reach passes throughout the class where they can see that
      > learned something and gotten to the next level.
      > 3) People need to be dedicated to the class. If they are in and out
      > all day, then it is disruptive for everyone involved.
      > A book I'd highly recommend (outside of the ones already given) is
      > a Geek can Speak_.
      > Finally, I found the most successful classes I delivered were those
      > where the students had an action plan in mind and ready to go.
      They were
      > mapping the concepts we were discussing into their domains and
      > real-world situations. That's something that can really make a
      class shine.
      > And, of course, let us know how it goes!
      > --
      > Cory Foy
      > http://www.cornetdesign.com
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