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[ANN]: Joint APLN - SPIN meetings! (2 weeks away!)

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  • Hillel Glazer
    Please join us for the first ever meeting of the *new* Greater Baltimore SPIN and the first 2008 meeting of APLN-MD! gbSPIN s mission is to provide pragmatic,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2008
      Please join us for the first ever meeting of the *new* Greater Baltimore
      SPIN and the first 2008 meeting of APLN-MD!

      gbSPIN's mission is to provide pragmatic, practical, and timely content on
      process improvement topics. We won't be limiting ourselves to CMMI or other
      technologies from the SEI because there's so much more to the conversation
      than just CMMI.

      By joining forces with APLN, we will work to bring you high-value, relevant
      and important content on the subject of project, product, and process

      Our meeting will be on Tuesday, February 19th, @ 5:30pm in Ellicott City.
      (Details at link below.)

      We will have a workshop/presentation on "Learning to See Waste".
      Before you can get "lean" you must first know how to see waste!

      The event's page is here: <http://gbspin.pbwiki.com/Upcoming+Meetings>
      here: http://apln.agilemaryland.org
      <http://apln.agilemaryland.org/moin/NextMeeting> /moin/NextMeeting

      (gbSPIN's main page is here: <http://gbspin.pbwiki.com/>

      We hope to see you!!

      *Corporate and Individual Sponsorships Available*


      - Frank (CC Pace)
      - George (Idia Computing)
      - Hillel (Entinex)
      - Linda, (Project Cooks) and
      - Sherri (American Chemical Society)
      (in alphabetical order)

      About gbSPIN:
      "SPIN" = "Software and Systems Process Improvement Network". SPINs are as
      close to an SEI "chapter" as one can be. Greater Baltimore SPIN (gbSPIN) is
      about bringing value. Value has many dimensions, opportunities, and
      Value to: our members, the community, organizations and businesses; the
      industry, and to our Sponsors.

      About APLN-MD:
      The national APLN group is focused on making people great leaders by
      focusing on Value, Customers, Teams, Individuals, Context, and Uncertainty.
      The APLN Maryland Chapter is seeking individuals interested in sharing agile
      experiences, and helping people become great project leaders.

      About our Partnership:
      This "grand experiment" comes from the understanding that:

      * Agile and CMMI share goals, albeit their means and maybe their
      motives are different.

      * Neither Agile nor CMMI are right or wrong, there are only good and
      bad implementations of either.

      * Bringing APLN and SPIN together can only be a good thing, if
      "produced" by the right people.

      * Neither will go away any time soon, thus, helping each community
      understand the other is necessary and can't be avoided.

      * It would be a service to both communities to have them understand
      each other and cooperate.

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