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[ANN] Agile Coach Camp Invitation

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  • Naresh Jain
    Namaste! We are pleased to invite you to Pushing the Boundaries while Keeping Agile Simple What s New? What s Missing? What s too Complex? What s Obsolete?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2008

      We are pleased to invite you to

      Pushing the Boundaries while Keeping Agile Simple

      What's New? What's Missing? What's too Complex? What's Obsolete?

      Washtenaw Community College

      Ann Arbor, Michigan

      May 30 - June 1, 2008

      The art of coaching teams toward excellence and productivity is tricky
      business. Daily we make recommendations in increasingly complex
      contexts... and too often, as coaches, we work in isolation from other
      coaches. This is our opportunity to share stories and practices and to
      wrestle with the direction in which this discipline is going, or should
      go. (Read more about the RationaleBehindThisConference).

      Growing a Community of Practice

      Agile Coach Camp is about creating a network of practitioners who are
      striving to push the limits in guiding software development teams,
      while staying true to the values and principles at the core of the
      Agile movement. We've invited practitioners who, like you, are
      passionate about their work, active in the field and willing to share
      what they've learned.

      Do you have a technique or practice worth sharing with your peers? Or
      an idea you'd like to test out with some leaders in the community? Are
      you facing challenges and want to get some perspective from other
      practitioners, or hear how they do things? If you feel you�d benefit
      from connecting with 80-100 ScrumMasters?, XP Coaches, Trainers, Change Agents and Mentors to talk, draw, argue and explore ideas, then this conference is for you.

      You can learn all about AgileCoachCamp on this wiki.

      What's the Agenda?

      Agile Coach Camp is a practitioner-run conference for peer-to-peer
      learning and exploration. It�s your conference, so there will be no
      agenda until you arrive! We will create it collaboratively. If you
      prefer a conference where you can sit and listen to expert lectures,
      this isn't it. As at BarCamp, so at AgileCoachCamp there are no speakers, only participants.

      We use the OpenSpace
      meeting format, which means you, the participant, determine the topics
      and questions that you want to talk about. We�ll create our agenda
      Saturday morning and people will then join the small group discussions
      that interest them. Open Space is very complimentary to Agile &
      Lean thought processes, and actually shares some of the same
      principles. Open Space is all about self-organizing and empowered
      teams. Open Space will allow YOU and other participants to bring to the
      conference the issues and opportunities that are emerging for you in
      real time. For some of you this will also be an opportunity to gain
      experience with Open Space, yet another effective tool for your
      toolkit, for cultivating communities of practice in your region.

      You don�t have to be an expert to propose a topic or ask a question at AgileCoachCamp.
      You are simply inviting people into a conversation with you - other
      people who are also passionate about your topic or question. These
      conversations can build knowledge, and often lead to future
      collaborations; Open Space is great for networking! It has the feel of
      a good coffee break, where people are free to come and go from
      conversations as they please, yet it has a structure that helps you to
      know what conversations are happening so that you can join up with
      people interested in the same things as you.

      What will the conference look like?

      Friday EveningRegistrations and Introductions
      LightningTalks and time for people to unwind
      Optional Social OutingSaturday MorningFull Breakfast
      Opening the Space
      Creating the agendaSaturday whole dayBreak-out sessionsSaturday EveningSocial OutingSunday MorningFull Breakfast
      More break-out sessionsSunday afternoonClosing the Space / RetrospectiveSunday, till evening (optional)Time for participants to hang around, finish up conversations or start new ones

      Friday evening is set aside for participants to connect with each other
      and build some food for thought. Those who wish to can participate in LightningTalks
      to get the ideas flowing, where you'll have up to three minutes to
      share what�s on your mind. We�ve found this to be a great way to prime
      the pump for Open Space the following day. You get a quick glimpse of
      what people are thinking, it's a great way to stimulate ideas. Your
      Lightning Talk can be based on your Position Paper
      or on any other idea or question you have. A space will also be
      provided for those who choose to simply relax with refreshments and
      reconnect with colleagues.

      Saturday morning we'll start with Opening the Space, at which time
      we'll create our agenda, followed by participant-organized sessions
      till Sunday afternoon, at which time we'll officially Close the Space,
      though we hope people who don't have to leave early will hang around to
      continue discussions or even to plan for future collaborations they
      have cooked up!

      Cost and registration

      The conference is free and non-profit, run by volunteers. Attendance is
      open to all, though we are asking for Position Papers to encourage
      participants to be ready to contribute when they arrive. We'll provide
      all meals, accommodation discounts, conference t-shirts and other

      To register, please send your PositionPapers to proposals@.... Remember that registration is limited to 100 people!

      We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Ann Arbor this spring!


      Your Conference Organizers


      PS: Please help us promote this event by forwarding this email or blogging about it! Put a badge on your website, or print out a poster or some cards, or post this invitation on your favorite mailing list.

      and P.S: Sponsorship

      is a community driven, non-profit conference. To make this happen we
      need support from organizations and individuals with an interest in
      fostering this community. One way to support the event is to sponsor
      something from the SponsorshipList. We do not have different levels of sponsorship, instead we have listed specific articles that need sponsoring on our wiki. You will find the email address there that lets you offer your help as a sponsor.

      Note that sponsors' Agile practitioners are welcome to submit Position Papers and attend as participants.

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