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Re: [XP] New Article: Getting Off Our Tails and Onto the Rails

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  • Bill Kelly
    From: Chris Wheeler ... That s something I ve really liked about the Nitro framework. Check out George s Screencast 1 for
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      From: "Chris Wheeler" <christopher.wheeler@...>
      > On Nov 12, 2007 3:43 PM, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> wrote:
      >> I'm guessing that, like most frameworks, it's probably best to stick
      >> pretty close to the pattern intended. We'll be paying attention to
      >> that, especially since we really hate starting with the database.
      > Best of luck... I also hate starting with the database... Actually, I didn't
      > really even like using the database, especially with the stuff that I was
      > doing - it seemed like overkill. Even though, in general, I liked the Rails
      > experience, I could not find an easy way to just use a text file or even an
      > xml file as my database.

      That's something I've really liked about the Nitro framework.
      Check out "George's Screencast 1" for an example of how a
      Nitro app can start from a few lines of code with no database,
      and evolve incrementally: http://oxywtf.de/tip/35

      (Sadly the screencast doesn't seem to have a fast-forward
      button; but if you stick with it for a few minutes, you'll
      see the database finally come into play with the require 'og'
      statement, followed by the creation of a model.rb file.
      ObjectGraph (Og) is an ORM layer that can be used independently
      from Nitro... and vice-versa. :)


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