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RE: [XP] Public offense requires public apology

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  • Charlie Poole
    Hi Geoff, ... I think you should feel free to limit the topic of a thread you start to what you want to discuss. That said, it seems to have turned out that
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10, 2007
      Hi Geoff,

      > I was asked to share any real experiences since talking about
      > other's perceptions was not what some wanted.

      I think you should feel free to limit the topic of a thread you
      start to what you want to discuss. That said, it seems to have
      turned out that the "perceptions" you described others holding
      also had some relevance in your own experience.

      I've had problems in the past when I attempted to talk about
      issues that affect me personally in an abstract manner, without
      acknowledging my owm personal stake. Mainly, the problem is
      that I can't maintain an abstract, objective demeanor. It
      turns out to work better for me if I own up to my own stake
      in the issues right at the start. It's possible this might
      work for you.

      Regarding the details of your experience, I make no bones
      about saying that it sounds to me like one of the many
      variations of Pseudo-Agile, Fake Agile or Phony Agile.

      Whenever there is a person or a group telling people to
      do something in a certain way, rather than explaining
      principles, stating goals and supporting them in defining
      team practices that meet those goals, we are not agile.

      I such shops, whatever they call it, Agile has left the building.


      > I should have known better than to share comments about my
      > current situation because in the past it has proven
      > difficult. Regardless I told of how the PMO was founded and
      > how they approached injecting Agile into the current process
      > by choosing Version One as the tool to be the vehicle of
      > reporting and by placing Scrum Masters on to each team.
      > When the proposal came out it seemed to be yet another
      > mandated process. Since I do not believe in complainging
      > without offering alternatives I wrote two papers which I
      > posted here, The Path to Agility, and Moving Down the Path to
      > Agility. I felt it a better approach. It was not taken. The
      > PMO approach was taken.
      > I had taken an Agility test with Alistair once and found that
      > my company was very agile in the process side of things.
      > Communication is good on most teams and inter-team
      > communication is good as well. I felt that we are weak in the
      > development side of Agility.
      > The PMO approach surely had its positive effects. However I
      > have not felt them at the development level. The company
      > dissolved the PMO group and removed the Scrum Masters from
      > the teams. Therefore I conclude that the business did not
      > find the PMO approach effective. I feel that it will be a
      > long time before a company wide attempt will happen again.
      > I hope that clarifies things.
      > I regret causing people to feel insulted.
      > I will leave the espousing of Agile to those that do it
      > better and to those whom own the process. I will stick to my
      > strengths which seems to be programming and being a smart
      > aleck at times.
      > Geoff
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