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RE: The Value of Curmudgeons (was: RE: [XP] Starting along the coaching path)

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  • Charlie Poole
    Hi Michael, ... Sorry for the late reply... I ve been at a conference this week and haven t had much time to think about this question. I ll tell you what I
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      Hi Michael,

      > > Even the curmudgeons are valuable - or maybe especially. :-)
      > This is actually my biggest visible problem. We have a
      > single programmer who is the original author and he's been on
      > the team since it was a team of one. When anything XP comes
      > up in conversation he carps, rolls his eyes and shuts it
      > down. He seems to have almost perfectly poisoned the well
      > against new adoption.

      Sorry for the late reply... I've been at a conference this week
      and haven't had much time to think about this question.

      I'll tell you what I might do in this situation, with the proviso
      that it may not work for you, particularly if both you and the
      "curmudgeon" are clearly established as opponents. But it might.

      I would offer something like this: "Obviously, we have to be
      careful as we begin to adopt new practices. You are someone
      who isn't afraid to speak up when the an idea does't make sense.
      I'd like you to keep doing this, but with greater focus on
      improving our implementation. You'll be our official
      Devil's Advocate. I know that any set of practices that we
      end up adopting will be better for incorporating your ideas."

      As I suggested at the start, YMMV.

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