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Re: [XP] FYI - best java book

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  • kjray
    ... The best book about Java I ve seen is Haggar s Practical Java
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2000
      Greg Martin <gregm@...> on 10/7/00 4:09 PM wrote:

      >"Schainbaum, Robert" wrote:
      >> I agree that Design Patterns is important. It doesn't surprise me
      >> that Java doesn't appear in the title of any "industry bibles". There
      >> simply are no good Java books. A possible exception is Bruce Eckel's
      >> Thinking in Java. The good stuff is in the C++ canon: Stroustroup's
      >> books, Lippman's books, Meyer's books, Koenig's books.
      >I suppose I would define the statement "no good Java books" as the same
      >type as your statement from a previous post that you are an "`umble
      >programmer" (I've seen no evidence of humility in any of your posts) - a
      >void * prehaps?
      >Jeff Langr's "Java Style - Patterns For Implementation" is IMO an
      >excellent book. Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" is exemplary. Brett
      >McLaughlin's "Java and XML" is very good (despite a propensity for over
      >commenting his code). The Java Tutorial is a good introductory book and
      >there is an advanced Java book being written by some Sun people that
      >will likely prove good as well. I'm imagine there are many others.

      The best book about Java I've seen is Haggar's "Practical Java"
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