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Re: Describe your morning stand-ups

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  • jeff_olfert
    ... doing today . ... About 15 of us stand in a circle, and give the quick yesterday , today , and sometimes issues . This a a group made up of 3 separate
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 27, 2007
      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, "James Carr"
      <james.r.carr@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Something that has picqued my interest of late is how different teams
      > approach the "Morning huddle" ... from my experience so far at Carfax
      > alone, I've seen a wide variety of different styles.
      > Some just huddle and do a quick "What I did yesterday, what I am
      doing today".
      > Some have a large notepad on a wall and outline some goals for the
      > day, revisiting them at the end of the day.
      > Some involve their customer, while others either don't involve them or
      > meet with them seperately sometime during the day.
      > Some have a great big huddle with the whole department, while others
      > have team huddles and then send delegates to "the department huddle"
      > shortly after to convey any cross team information.
      > What are some other types of morning huddles you all have observed?
      > Thanks,
      > James

      About 15 of us stand in a circle, and give the quick "yesterday",
      "today", and sometimes "issues". This a a group made up of 3 separate
      teams. The managers also participate with the "yesterday", "today",
      "issues" feedback. Which makes it feel like this is not just another
      spoke and hub status meeting. At times there is information coming
      from one team, that the other teams could really care less about.
      Other times we hear something of great use from the other team. Our
      stand up lasts about 15 minutes. Most people only talk for about 30
      seconds, but the occasional joke, or off the rails conversation makes
      the total time add up to about 15 minutes. Most people are quick and
      to the point, but there are some who need a stand up facilitator to
      get them focused. We often have quick break out mini-stand ups after
      the big stand up that focus down on some detail that needs to be
      addressed immediately. The stand up occurs right next to our
      developer bull.pen. I would say that the stand up works rather well
      for us, like mentioned earlier it's not a traditional spoke and hub
      status meeting with interrogation. Rather it's quite natural, and
      even some times fun.
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