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Re: [XP] OT: Not sure if this is funny or sad

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  • wyatt@yellowcello.com
    It s a Dilbert strip - brought a smile across my face. -wyatt
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2007
      It's a Dilbert strip - brought a smile across my face.


      > Hi All,
      > I waited a while before posting this to see if I would hear back from
      > the folks involved. Bear in mind as you read it that the call could
      > have been a hoax - although unfortunately I doubt it.
      > I get lots of calls from recruiters, but this one was a bit odd. The
      > guy said he was from a CMM level 4 - working on 5 - company in McLean
      > VA - I won't identify further than that.
      > He wanted to "recruit" me to do a telephone briefing of some folks
      > at his company. They were making a proposal to a company that wanted
      > them to do "agile" and they needed someone to tell them how to write
      > it up in the proposal - which was due the next day btw.
      > After some hedging, I agreed to take the call but told the recruiter
      > that I might cause him some trouble, since I'd be telling his folks
      > that they had no business making the proposal.
      > Of course, I never heard back. :-)
      > Charlie
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