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Re: [XP] Estimation Error: Unbudgeted Deep Thought Time.

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  • John Carter
    ... That s a thought, I ll give it a try. ... Throw some bones? Are you a witchdoctor!? ... Hmmm. I do usually. But sometimes there is no continuous path from
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 27, 2007
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      On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Ron Jeffries wrote:

      > 1. Timebox Deep Thought.
      That's a thought, I'll give it a try.

      > 2. Throw some CRC cards first, again timeboxed, to surface a bit
      > more design issues before starting.

      Throw some bones? Are you a witchdoctor!?

      > 3. Practice practice practice fine-grain design morph by
      > refactoring.

      Hmmm. I do usually. But sometimes there is no continuous path from one
      local optimum to another.

      Sometimes I have to back off, say "Sorry guys, I know you wanted it
      this way, but for these deep reasons it's going to burn you. Look here
      is a substantially better path."

      The trouble is I'm not good enough to instantly see the "deep reasons"
      and the "better path". I only get them after getting stuck on a
      feeling I'm doing things wrong, then glaring at the hills for an hour
      or two. (Conversely I feel a large part of my value is I do eventually
      see them, instead of delivering the wrong thing! Especially when the
      user won't realize it is wrong until much later... (Although sometimes
      delivering the wrong thing is the quickest way of convincing them that
      it's wrong. :-))

      (Although as another poster said, sometimes (not always) just stoking
      the subconscious with the needed info and letting it smoulder while
      doing something else (sleeping) works too)

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