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Re: [XP] Definition of 'programmer' -vs- 'developer' [was:Defining Agile]

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  • John Roth
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      Subject: Re: [XP] Definition of 'programmer' -vs- 'developer' [was:Defining

      > John Roth wrote:
      >> A software development team's responsibility is to produce
      >> running, tested software on time, within budget and which
      >> meets the requestor's stated functional objectives for the software.
      >> It's not a software development team's responsibility to determine
      >> if a requested piece of software is actually going to raise revenue,
      >> reduce costs, meet program goals, comply with new regulations
      >> or whatever the next level goal is. That's the project sponsor's
      >> responsibility.
      > So, say a software development team member gets the impression that just
      > perhaps, some new regulation might have been ignored until now. Do you
      > want him to do something about it?

      Certainly. He should discuss it with the appropriate stakeholder.
      One or the other of them is likely to learn something. It's the
      stakeholder's job to do something about it, though - that is, write
      a card and schedule the work.

      John Roth

      > Curious, Ilja
    • Ilja Preuss
      Message 57 of 57 , Jul 30, 2007

        Kelly Anderson wrote:
        > On 7/28/07, Ilja Preuss <it@...> wrote:
        >> Kelly Anderson wrote:
        >> > We have to work within the culture in which we find ourselves (or
        >> > relocate to a place where the culture is more compatible with our
        >> > beliefs. I suspect Ilja would be quite comfortable in Fiji... :-)
        >> I don't know about Fiji. But I think we don't just have to accept the
        >> culture we live in. We are part of it, and can influence it.
        > Ilja, it is my impression that you are a pretty bright fellow. With
        > time, I am sure that Ron and I can convert you to our cynical
        > curmudgeonly view of the world, but it may take a few decades. In the
        > mean time, brush up on your Cervantes... and keep on charging!! :-)
        > -Kelly
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