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Three Colours Agile [was:Defining Agile]

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  • Tim Haughton
    ... I like the notion of early RoI and metronomic delivery forming part of a black box definition of Agile. The black box definition seems to be an
    Message 1 of 57 , Jul 20, 2007
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      On 17/07/07, J. B. Rainsberger <jbrains762@...> wrote:
      > Why should agile /require/ TDD? TDD is a design activity. Does agile
      > care how I design software? I thought agile was mostly concerned with
      > issues like early realization of value and predictable delivery. Surely
      > TDD is optional but recommended.
      > --
      > J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger :: http://www.jbrains.ca

      I like the notion of "early RoI" and "metronomic delivery" forming
      part of a black box definition of Agile. The black box definition
      seems to be an embodiment of the customer's bill of rights. Therefore,
      to a customer, a development method could be considered Agile if...

      - It allows the customer to plan on a large scale with costs and options.

      - It allows the customer to set development priorities weekly.

      - It allows the customer to see progress in the form of a working
      system at the end of the first week, and to see a little more
      functionality every week thereafter.

      - It allows the customer to get updates on the schedule, good or bad,
      as soon as the information is available.

      - It allows the customer to change his/her mind without paying exorbitant costs.

      So in theory, to a customer, nothing else should matter, as long as
      the process seems agile to them.

      To a Manager, we have the grey box. So a development method is Agile if...

      - It affords the manager an overall estimate of costs and results,
      recognizing that reality will be different.

      - It allows the manager to move people between projects without paying
      exorbitant costs.

      - It allows the manager to get monthly updates of progress, and to
      help the customer set overall priorities.

      - The manager has the right to cancel the project and be left with a
      working system reflecting the investment to date.

      To a developer, we have the white box view of Agile. So to them, a
      development method is agile if...

      - It allows the programmer to estimate work and have those estimates
      respected by the rest of the team.

      - It allows the programmer to honestly report progress.

      - It allows the programmer to produce high-quality work at all times.

      - It allows the programmer to know what is most important to work on next.

      - It allows the programmer to ask business-oriented questions whenever
      they arise.

      Each of the definitions is inadequate in itself. Perhaps we need to
      acknowledge that Agile looks different from different angles.


      Tim Haughton

      The Agile Micro ISV Blog
    • Ilja Preuss
      Message 57 of 57 , Jul 30, 2007
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        Kelly Anderson wrote:
        > On 7/28/07, Ilja Preuss <it@...> wrote:
        >> Kelly Anderson wrote:
        >> > We have to work within the culture in which we find ourselves (or
        >> > relocate to a place where the culture is more compatible with our
        >> > beliefs. I suspect Ilja would be quite comfortable in Fiji... :-)
        >> I don't know about Fiji. But I think we don't just have to accept the
        >> culture we live in. We are part of it, and can influence it.
        > Ilja, it is my impression that you are a pretty bright fellow. With
        > time, I am sure that Ron and I can convert you to our cynical
        > curmudgeonly view of the world, but it may take a few decades. In the
        > mean time, brush up on your Cervantes... and keep on charging!! :-)
        > -Kelly
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