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Re: [XP] Outsourcing XP

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  • John Roth
    See below. ... From: Paul Campbell To: Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 3:48 AM Subject: [XP]
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      See below.

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      Subject: [XP] Outsourcing XP

      I am trying to pick up on David Longstreet's comments about
      effectiveness of outsourcing Xp.

      This is an intersting one actually because David seems to be assessing
      the effectiveness of Xp primarily on the assumption that it is
      outsourced. And I have to say that there is a definate danger of
      outsourced Xp actually being less effective than inhouse waterfall.

      BUT I think most of us assume that Xp will be done inhouse because
      close colaberation intrisic to Xp is very hard to do on an outsourced
      project. Even though many of us are contractors or working for
      consulting companies most of us I think would recommend that clients
      own the project inhouse, and bring external people/companies on board
      to help.



      The effectiveness is going to depend, I think, on how
      available the customer side people are to the developers.
      It's part of the whole outsourcing perplex.

      Martin Fowler's blog is a good place to look: Thoughtworks
      does a considerable amount of work for clients off of the
      client's premises, and he's posted a number of articles
      on how that works and some of the considerations to
      making it work effectively.

      John Roth
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