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RE: [XP] Users Stories with User roles that are not human?

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  • Desilets, Alain
    ... If you are not able to relate the technical story to a user-centered one, how will you make those design decisions? For example, if you don t know what
    Message 1 of 25 , Jun 25, 2007
      > Because the User base I am going to deal with has little
      > interest in the actual implementation. I guess the User stroy
      > from the Users perspective would be as simple as:
      > As Blah service user, I want my foo device to show me all
      > people nearby which fulfill my preset criteria so that I can
      > hook up with them.

      >> To achieve that there are certain steps which obviously need
      > to be taken, one of them is Hardware Design. Zigbee (which is
      > the technology this is part implemented in) requires some
      > thought on how the nodes interact. So there is already a
      > technical limitation to what I can do in terms of
      > implementation. I am struggling to retrofit that into
      > business value, that is why I asked. I agree with you though.

      If you are not able to relate the "technical" story to a "user-centered" one, how will you make those design decisions?

      For example, if you don't know what the device will actually be used for, you have no basis to answer questions like:

      - What should the range be?
      - Does it need to be a secure channel?
      - How bad is it if the device fails to locate someone who is actually nearby?
      - etc...

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