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RE: [XP] What are the Tests for Clean Code?

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  • Desilets, Alain
    ... Thx. I ll give them a spin. Alain
    Message 1 of 211 , Jun 1, 2007
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      > On 1 Jun 2007, at 03:08, Desilets, Alain wrote:
      > [snip]
      > > What a great idea! If soemone can point me to something
      > that does that
      > > for Perl, Python or Java, I'll use it. If it doesn't exist
      > and someone
      > > (not me) builds it, I solemnly swear to use the Beta minus minus
      > > version.
      > [snip]
      > In the Perl world you might find Perl::Critic and
      > Test::Perl::Critic of interest.
      > Adrian

      Thx. I'll give them a spin.

    • Ron Jeffries
      Hello, Paul. I saved this up for a while primarily because I think it s so good that people deserve more than one chance to see it. ... Ever so true. As he
      Message 211 of 211 , Jun 13, 2007
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        Hello, Paul. I saved this up for a while primarily because I think
        it's so good that people deserve more than one chance to see it.

        On Monday, June 4, 2007, at 8:10:59 AM, you wrote:

        > Its very dangerous to skip refactoring in order to meet an iteration
        > end date because the budget for your next iteration will include even
        > less margin for refactoring (because of the higher aparent velocity)
        > and so a downward spiral will ensue. Debt should only be incured if
        > there is a compelling reason to do so - and a looming end of iteration
        > is generally *not* a compelling reason.

        > Of course in reality there are tradoffs such as dealing with ugly
        > legacy code and so judgment calls must be made. All I can say is try
        > to judge the cost of not doing it: is the code at or near the end of
        > its life (in terms of changes) ?, will it be even harder than it is
        > now the next time someone considers the same refactor ?.

        > But before you put off a refactor remember that not doing it costs
        > your business real money every time someone interacts with that code
        > in any way, even if only to read it so its probably fair to say that
        > every 5 mins spent refactoring saves an hour over the life of the project.

        > A few operational tips: Dont leave refactoring to the end of a story,
        > do it incrementally. Use refactoring as a way of comprehending
        > existing code so that you get it effectivly for free.

        Ever so true. As he knows, I was disappointed to see Jim Shore come
        out "in favor" of technical debt in his new book. He is of course
        technically correct that "sometimes" it is justified.

        My guess is that most of the time when **I** think it's justified,
        it isn't. Imagine what I think about when someone else thinks it's

        Over the medium and long term, keeping clean is the way to go fast,
        in my experience.

        Ron Jeffries
        Those who believe complexity is elegant or required don't understand
        the problem. -- John Streiff
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