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RE: [XP] Do it by the book

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  • Kent Beck
    I ve seen this opinion, that I dialed down XP in the second edition, several times. I acknowledge that people read the second edition as somehow softer and
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      I've seen this opinion, that I "dialed down" XP in the second edition,
      several times. I acknowledge that people read the second edition as somehow
      "softer" and more flexible (if that's the right word) than the first. The
      second edition's lack of ammunition for attack is deliberate. My goal is to
      work from principles based on my values so that I can be as agile as
      possible in my work. A checklist of even the "right" practices still has
      the inflexibility of a checklist. It is superimposed from outside. Working
      in accord with my principles and values allows me much more flexibility, but
      requires much more awareness on my part. I agree with you that even the
      best ideas are not best accomplished by force.

      I think the second edition presents a more rigorous and demanding process
      than the first. The second edition expects you to pay attention to people
      and context, not just check off a bullet list of practices. Incremental
      application was always part of XP, from "solve your worst problem the XP
      way, repeat" in the first edition to the appreciative inquiry style I use
      now. Daily Deployment and Pay-per-use alone generally require years of
      practice to achieve. The addition of Respect as a value offers personal
      challenges enough to last their whole career (at least it does for me).

      I'd appreciate hearing from folks whose process meets the "dialed down"
      second edition but doesn't match XPE1e. If the second edition is really
      softer and squishier, more teams should satisfy its criteria. My experience
      is the reverse--you can do XP "by the book [first edition]" without respect,
      without engaging the whole business, without accountability, without taking
      full responsibility for the process and the results. It is much harder to
      consider value to the business as a whole than what is good for me as a


      Kent Beck
      Three Rivers Institute


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      Hi all,

      Two observations about this.

      1. I recall that Kent Beck dialed it down in the second edition of his
      book. He was more patient with those starting to try parts of XP. I
      think one of his ideas was that it wasn't very agile to "force" people
      to be agile my way. (Kent also made some witticism about his ability
      to force anyone to do anything via a book.) (bad paraphrasing on my
      part, I'm sure)

      2. In my experience, most people don't react well to being "beat up".
      It does not usually help you influence them to do agile better. This
      is not to say you can't have some conviction in your voice...just
      don't let them feel they personally are being attacked.

      I do suppose the attack method has worked once or twice. If more often
      than that, I for one will be happy to reconsider.

      Thanks, Joe

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      > On 4/24/07, Seyit Caglar Abbasoglu <scabbasoglu@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Is there anyone other than me thinks that aggression level on the
      group is
      > > getting higher and higher.
      > >
      > >
      > We have always been accused (unfairly IMO) of being zealots - the last
      > couple of months have felt like we are trying to live down to our
      > reputation. The tone has been positively unpleasant - especially to
      > and those who, for whatever reason, are unable to set their dials to 11.
      > I'll second Liz's & Bill's advice to be excellent to one another and
      add ...
      > especially to those who seek our advice.
      > --
      > Kevin
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