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Re: [XP] Fwd: Systems Development Methodology survey for Dave Henderson

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Bob, I looked at it, and got stuck by question #1, What methodology are you most familiar with? This presupposes that there *is* a single, well-defined
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2007
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      I looked at it, and got stuck by question #1, "What methodology are you
      most familiar with?" This presupposes that there *is* a single,
      well-defined methodology that I know well. Since I know numerous
      methodologies, some overlapping and some casually defined, I didn't know
      how to proceed.

      It strikes me that this survey is designed for those with only limited
      experience. There were many other essay questions demanding a simple
      answer, also.

      - George

      Bob Payne wrote:
      > Dear XPers,
      > If you have not already taken this survey please do.
      > Dave is a great guy and a friend of Agile. He is doing work in the
      > area of methodology
      > selection and I sincerely believe his work will be helpful for the
      > community going forward.
      > Plus you could win a prize if you leave your contact info.
      > I can guarantee he is legit and not fishing for email.
      > Plus you can take it anonymously if you wish.
      > bob payne
      > Host of the AgileToolkit Podcast
      > agiletoolkit.libsyn.com
      > Begin forwarded message:
      >> From: Dave Henderson <davidlhenderson@...>
      >> Date: April 23, 2007 11:01:23 AM EDT
      >> To: bob@...
      >> Subject: Systems Development Methodology survey for Dave Henderson
      >> Hi Bob,
      >> How are you? I hope you had a good weekend. I still can't believe
      >> the events at
      >> VT last Monday. I actually wasn't on campus---I was in NYC on a
      >> mini-vacation.
      >> I saw the events on MSNBC outside Rockefeller Plaza...I couldn't
      >> believe it.
      >> I was wondering if you could send out a reminder about my survey to
      >> the XPDC
      >> Users Group, the APLN, the Agile Project Management Group as well
      >> as any other
      >> organizations you think might be interested. I've included the updated
      >> invitation letter, which provides more background on the premise of
      >> the survey.
      >> I've got 41 responses, but I need about another 50 or so. I've
      >> contacted all the
      >> Agile user groups listed on the Agile Alliance website. I've
      >> received some
      >> interest, but was also wondering if you knew of any additional
      >> avenues. Also,
      >> have you had a chance to take the survey? I'd be interested in
      >> hearing any
      >> feedback you may have.
      >> Thanks for all of your help!
      >> Thanks,
      >> Dave
      >> ________________________
      >> Hello:
      >> My name is Dave Henderson and I am a doctoral student at Virginia
      >> Tech majoring
      >> in Information Systems. I am conducting a web-based survey for my
      >> dissertation
      >> to investigate attitudes of Information Technology professionals
      >> toward using
      >> systems development methodologies. My dissertation further
      >> investigates what
      >> makes a systems development methodology useful to Information
      >> Technology
      >> professionals. The anticipated results will help researchers to
      >> find strategies
      >> for encouraging systems development methodology use.
      >> I am currently looking for Information Technology professionals who
      >> have used a
      >> systems development methodology to participate in my survey. As an
      >> Information
      >> Technology professional, your input would be extremely valuable to
      >> my research.
      >> Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.
      >> If you are not familiar with any systems development methodology,
      >> please do not
      >> complete the survey. The survey requires approximately 25 minutes
      >> to complete,
      >> is completely anonymous, and will expire at midnight on Friday, May
      >> 11th 2007.
      >> Furthermore, participants will be able to enter into a random prize
      >> drawing to
      >> win $250.00. Please make sure you have time to complete the entire
      >> survey as
      >> partial responses are not counted. The survey can be accessed at
      >> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=385383631721. If you have any
      >> questions or
      >> concerns about the survey, please contact the survey administrator,
      >> David
      >> Henderson at davidlhenderson@... or his advisors, Steve Sheetz at
      >> sheetz@... or France Belanger at belanger@.... Thank you for
      >> your
      >> assistance!
      >> Best Regards,
      >> Dave Henderson
      >> Ph.D. Candidate
      >> Department of Accounting and Information Systems
      >> Virginia Tech
      >> Email: davidlhenderson@...
      >> ________________________________
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