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Re:Comments please on a summary of XP given in University Masters Degre

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  • Jeff Grigg
    ... Hmmm... I think it s one of the better summaries I ve seen in a while, from someone not in the XP community. Certainly, I ve seen far worse. ... Well yes,
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 19, 2007
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      --- "Will Stott" <will.stott@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps I should have made it clear that the summary of
      > XP wasn't mine, it was given by the person teaching the
      > course. I found it totally inadequate and misleading,
      > particular for a Masters Degree.

      I think it's one of the better summaries I've seen in a while, from
      someone not in the XP community. Certainly, I've seen far worse.

      > I have been telling this guy for three years that he should
      > start teaching biologists how to program by introducing them
      > to TDD. Unfortunately, he refuses to listen and instead
      > produces generation after generation of hackers. [...]

      Well yes, I agree entirely about TDD. (But I expect that most
      biology majors would have top priorities in something other than top
      quality code.)

      I'd probably start with calling XP "Truly Iterative" -- in that bare
      bones functionality is delivered quickly, and then enhanced over
      time. And then I'd say how Test Driven Development enables this.

      And as to why a biologist would care...
      You want the computer's results to be correct, don't you? ;->
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