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RE: [XP] Extreme Programming or Responsible Development ?

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  • Kent Beck
    Thierry, I see Responsible Development as distinct from Extreme Programming. I expanded my focus because I got tired of being involved in so-called technical
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 25, 2007

      I see Responsible Development as distinct from Extreme Programming.

      I expanded my focus because I got tired of being involved in so-called
      "technical successes" (which is a deceptive, ego-boosting way to say
      "business failures"). I love to program, and do it as much as I can, but
      experience has taught me there are often more important business concerns.
      In most startups, the CEO cares much more about the sales pipeline than
      about engineering, and that's because setting up and maintaining the sales
      pipe is far more important to the success of the business as a whole (and
      riskier) than engineering. That doesn't mean that what I do isn't important,
      but I notice that I am more effective when I have a realistic view of my job
      in the whole scheme of things.

      Responsible Development is the idea that all work is done accountably,
      transparently, with integrity, and responsibly as if I was spending my own
      money. Business done this way frees a lot of time and mental energy to do
      the work as you spend no time on maintaining various stories, hiding fears,
      or avoiding other's reactions. This can be a personal attitude or a
      corporate culture. It is a shift from 1980's business culture, but is being
      attempted more and more in the current business climate.

      This is distinct from when I talk about Extreme Programming where the idea
      is to amplify all the practices that I know work in accoradance with the 5
      values in order to get the tightest, cleanest most agile programs possible
      on the timeline I promised.

      I try to do an excellent technical job but I also work to make sure that
      what I am doing fits into the larger business. This requires me to stay in
      close contact with the business leaders, sales people, paying customers, and
      so on. If the technical concerns and the business concerns appear to
      conflict, I work to find a mutually beneficial solution but finally I follow
      business imperatives over technical ones. This describes a larger
      perspective than Extreme Programming describes.

      I have found it very helpful to ask, "How would we work if this was our
      money we were spending?" People who will advocate the most bizarre
      development style if they are spending someone else's money often get
      suddenly sensible when spending their own.

      These two concepts lead in very similar directions. They are both derived
      from first principles, XP from the principle of intense activity and
      Responsible Development from the principle of acting responsibly. They can
      both be described in terms of values, principles, and practices.

      So, to (finally) answer your question, Responsible Development is the name I
      use when describing how software can provide value to business. I talk about
      XP when describing a specific set of values/principles/practices programmers
      can use to work responsibly.


      Kent Beck
      Three Rivers Institute


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      Hi all
      i read a PDF presentation (from Kent B.) about the new name
      "responsible development"
      is this the new name that we can use when we speak/think/do XP ?

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