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RE: [XP] Developer Objectives

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  • Charlie Poole
    Hi Jon, I take it that Developer Objectives means that you are asked to write objectives for each individual on your team. If I got that wrong, this may not
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      Hi Jon,

      I take it that "Developer Objectives" means that you are asked to
      write objectives for each individual on your team. If I got that
      wrong, this may not make sense.

      If your team has internalized the agile approach, then you should
      be able to sit down and do it together, identifying ways in which
      the team would like to improve and how individuals can help with
      that. In addition, individuals will probably volunteer objectives
      they want to accomplish themselves.

      This can require some sensitivity in your approach, but I think
      it's doable with a team that has been working together for a while.
      I'd never try it with an unfamiliar group, or a collection of
      cubicle dwellers who don't collaborate already.


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      > It's year end and I am required to write developer objectives
      > for next year, I know an agile team is all about the "team"
      > not the individual, but I have to submit something.
      > We use Clover to measure test coverage, too bad there isn't a
      > way to measure individual coverage, then again, we pair 100%
      > so I don't see how that could work either. You would have to
      > measure at the time of checkin if the overall class test
      > coverage increased at that time.
      > My thought is that 360 degree feedback will be my only way to
      > measure things like.....
      > When you pair with "Joe Developer":
      > Do they write tests first? Never, Seldom, Often, Always Are
      > they open to ideas? Never, Seldom, Often, Always Do they
      > share the keyboard? Never, Seldom, Often, Always Do they code
      > simplest thing that works? Never, Seldom, Often, Always
      > The only issue is that we have been doing Agile for 2 years,
      > so 95% of the scores will be "always", so it would be an easy
      > "exceeds", I need a higher goal...
      > My company is against skills tests / scoring, and so am I, so
      > not sure how to measure someones technical capability.
      > Any ideas would be appreciated?
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