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Re: [XP] Re: Improving "Service Access" for better Agile programming

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    XP is about software development. Specifically, it s about software development processes and practices that conform to a set of five values and several
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      XP is about software development. Specifically,
      it's about software development processes and
      practices that conform to a set of five values
      and several principles that are derived from them.

      The exact practices will vary depending on the
      team, the situation, the languages and available
      tools and so forth. It really has very little to do
      with specific languages, system platforms and
      similar issues.

      The closer your process gets to really honoring
      the values of feedback, communication, simplicity,
      respect and so forth, the more you're going to
      find the spirit of XP.

      This is not easy. The practices get you started,
      but the essence of XP is not the practices in
      the White Book (either edition). It's the spirit
      of continuous improvement guided by the five values.

      John Roth

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      I have posted here, because I believe it is also a form of
      extreme programming for the emerging XML based programming languages
      such as Vista/XAML and Adobe's MXML/Flex 2. (They are not buzz words,
      many people are making living on MXML/Flash and all the browsers
      supporting VML or SVG).

      I assumed extreme programming is not a closed religion, where
      no new processes can be proposed. Who decides which one goes in to
      extreme programming and which one is not. Is there any rule that
      extreme programming must conform to certain closed religious

      I hope, extreme programming is open to new programming
      languages and processes. I hope this group allows academic discussion
      to extend it, when new processes are found, that uses new
      capabilities for emerging languages, when they are discovered.

      If you read newly added material to the following webpage,
      which clearly shows that XML based graphic languages have an
      interesting and useful capability for extreme programming:

      Please understand, I am not positing speculative processes.
      If you see the web site, you would know that I have put many years of
      effort to design that. I spend years to make sure that they work.

      I hope I am not wrong in assuming that extreme programming is
      open to academic discussion and to change, when new processes are

      Best Regards,

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      > Hello, chiluvuri1. On Tuesday, October 31, 2006, at 2:26:49 AM,
      > you wrote:
      > > It is bit hard to explain, but let me try. Please forget
      > > are a software developer. Please assume, you are setting up a
      > > factory, where the product is automatically assembles on the fly,
      > > which consists of only plug-n-play parts.
      > Would someone please remind me what this discussion has to do with
      > Extreme Programming? I seem to have lost the thread.
      > Ron Jeffries
      > www.XProgramming.com
      > I know we always like to say it'll be easier to do it now than it
      > will be to do it later. Not likely. I plan to be smarter later than
      > I am now, so I think it'll be just as easy later, maybe even easier.
      > Why pay now when we can pay later?
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