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Poll: International Agile Community Event Calendar?

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  • Deb
    **Problem: Shoot, I wish I d known about that event sooner! Folks, I m looking for input... is an open event calendar something you d find valuable, and use?
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2006
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      **Problem: Shoot, I wish I'd known about that event sooner!

      Folks, I'm looking for input... is an open event calendar something
      you'd find valuable, and use? There are now good ways to do this
      relatively easily, with fun features like tagging, filtering,
      importing business calendars, rss for keeping up to date... but I want
      to know if there's interest for this before I spend a little time on it.

      This would be free, maintained by its users, and would be open to all,
      for both private and commercial events.

      If you'd find such a calendar useful (or if you want to express your
      opinion that it's not needed) please update my poll on the
      agilesoftwaredevelopment.org forum... and please invite your
      colleagues, the more information we get the better...


      If you are also an organizer of training or events for the Agile
      crowd, please also answer my poll (B) (for Organizers). There's a link
      in the first poll to take you there.

      thanks folks

      Deborah Hartmann
      Agile Process Coach
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