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Re: [XP] On Methodology (Clarified)

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  • Steven Gordon
    ... If the objective is to be clear and consistent, then perhaps what you mean is Picking an /appropriate/ thing to do this time (given that there is rarely
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 8, 2006
      On 10/7/06, Matt Heusser <matt.heusser@...> wrote:
      > I just realized that my quickly-chosen words could easily be misinterpreted
      > ...
      > Heusser (Me) Wrote:
      > > A methodologist doesn't tell people what to do - he studies and
      > >tries to figure out the right thing to do, in all situations.
      > Clearly, I didn't mean that there is one "right" thing to do in all
      > situations.
      > Nor did I mean that there is a "right" thing to do in every unique
      > situations.
      > Instead, I meant something more like this:
      > A) Situations are different,
      > B) Often, in two different situations, you'll need to do something
      > different
      > in each one,
      > C) Picking the 'thing to do this time' between the methods available is
      > what
      > a (lower case) methodologist should do,

      If the objective is to be clear and consistent, then perhaps what you
      mean is "Picking an /appropriate/ thing to do this time" (given that
      there is rarely a single, clear-cut right thing to do in most

      Furthermore, in the case of agile methodologies, I do not believe that
      we simply just pick some appropriate method and do it, but instead we:
      - discuss the situation and choices with the people affected (and
      possibly some coaches, advisors, or mailing lists),
      - come to a concensus on the most appropriate initial choice,
      - observe the impact of executing that initial choice,
      - possibly decide to reach a new concensus on a followup step or even
      trying a totally different path depending on the impact and feedback.

      In some non-agile methologies, it is far more often the case in
      practice that a Methodologist (upper case intended) hands down a
      decision of what method to apply in a given situation, the method is
      applied, and the consequences are to be accepted.


      > D) In that case, I hope we all are methodologists
      > Regards,
      > --heusser
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