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[ANN:] XPSD Meeting - Thursday June 8th

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  • Clarke, June [RA]
    This month s eXtreme Programming San Diego (XPSD) meeting will focus on Using XP & Scrum to Develop Games . Jim Tilander and Noel Llopis will be visiting from
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      This month's eXtreme Programming San Diego (XPSD) meeting will focus on
      "Using XP & Scrum to Develop Games". Jim Tilander and Noel Llopis will be
      visiting from High Moon Studios - a local state-of-the-art game development

      High Moon Studios has been using agile development methodologies for several
      years. In dealing with large teams and large budgets, they have encountered
      a lot of unusual situations that don't fit in the ideal "textbook" agile
      development descriptions. Jim and Noel will talk about how they're using
      Scrum and XP both for production and R&D teams, what they've learned so far,
      and what benefits they're seeing.

      Jim Tilander is an R&D programmer at High Moon Studios, where he employs
      agile methodologies in his daily work. Before joining High Moon Studios he
      worked on game titles such as Battlefield Modern Combat and Midtown Madness
      3. He received an MSc. in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of
      Technology, Sweden.

      Noel Llopis spearheads the R&D of next-generation technology at High Moon
      Studios. He has been successfully applying agile development and test-driven
      development to game development for several years. He regularly contributes
      articles to Game Developer Magazine and the Game Programming Gems series,
      and he is the author of C for Game Programmers. He earned an MS in computer
      science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his spare
      time he enjoys exploring different and unexpected ideas on his web site
      Games from Within (http://www.gamesfromwithin.com).

      The meeting will be held at SAIC on Campus Point Dr. (
      http://xpsd.org/SAICDirections ) from 6-7:30 PM on Thursday, June 8th.
      Please RSVP to joonspoon@... if you wish to attend. If you are not
      a U.S. citizen, bring your passport with you to the meeting.

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