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Re: [XP] New book

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  • Vinicius Manhaes Teles
    Luiz, Thanks for this one. It s quite a compliment! I m in London now and I ll be here till June 7th. I ll attend XTC group meeting
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2006
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      Thanks for this one. It's quite a compliment!

      I'm in London now and I'll be here till June 7th. I'll attend XTC
      group meeting (http://www.xpdeveloper.net/xpdwiki/Wiki.jsp?page=XtC)
      next Tuesday. If anybody else would like to have a chat with me while
      I'm in London, please, let me know.


      Vinícius Teles

      Improve It - www.improveit.com.br
      Rio: +55 21 3521-6760
      São Paulo: +55 11 3711-3423
      Celular: +55 21 8716-5434

      Em 02/06/2006, às 00:18, Luiz Esmiralha escreveu:

      > On 5/31/06, Vinicius Manhaes Teles <vinicius@...> wrote:
      >> I wrote a book about XP in Portuguese a couple of years ago. It's the
      >> only XP book written in Brazil so far. Now I'm working on a follow up
      >> book that will update some concepts and bring more information about
      >> how XP is being used in Brazilian companies and elsewhere.
      > Hi people,
      > The whole brazilian XP community (getting larger by the hour!) is
      > eager for Vinicius' new book. As always, his ideas are a very welcome
      > help to everybody who, like us, is learning about and practicing Agile
      > processes and XP.
      > We know his trip to Europe will bring new insights into agile and how
      > it's being applied by other companies. And we know he'll be back soon
      > to share this knowledge with us at the XP Rio Group meetings.
      > Thanks in advance to everybody who helps him on his quest for new
      > material. Be sure that this will immensely help to improve the
      > awareness of brazilian developers on agile processes.
      > Luiz Esmiralha e Carlos Miranda
      > XP Rio Group (the largest XP group outside the USA)
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xprio/
      > http://xprio.blogspot.com
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