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RE: [XP] Training Devs to Test

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  • Tim Dugan
    [...] haven t seen any good developers who don t test - [...] Most developers I ve seen have learned to test from other developers. I m sure it s
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 4, 2006
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      " [...] haven't seen any good developers who don't test - [...] Most
      developers I've seen have learned to test from other developers."

      I'm sure it's true...most GOOD developers test most of the time.

      But even great developers can have difficulty testing enhancements to
      legacy systems that were not built with testing in mind--or a system in
      which generations of enhancements have eroded the original unit testing

      Testing is not an innate skill...training people to test and to write
      testable software may be a good idea. If nothing else, you probably
      want to have company and product standards about how and what to test.

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      Hi Phil,

      > I was wondering if anyone here who has implemented XP in
      > their own teams has had problems with their developers
      > testing skills. Any stories of introducing the testing to
      > developers, problems dealt with, success or failure would be
      > a great help. To give you an insight I am concerned that the
      > developers I am dealing with may not be able to test at a
      > desirable level initially.

      Since I haven't seen any good developers who don't test - and that's
      more than 30 years - I'm guessing we have some differences in the use of
      terms. Most developers I've seen have learned to test from other

      So, can you clarify the question a bit? Can you give some examples of
      specific skills that you would like to see developers gain? I'm also
      about what you mean by a "desireable level" of testing.


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