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Re: [XP] Testing issues prevent agile?

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  • Jim Standley
    Thanks, all for responding. I don t have time to address each individually right now, but I appreciate your time. As of today we seem to be trending to
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 5, 2006
      Thanks, all for responding. I don't have time to address each
      individually right now, but I appreciate your time. As of today we seem
      to be trending to something less agile rather than more with analysis,
      design and construction scheduled as steps if not phases.

      One positive note is that analysis includes a collaboration between the
      customer proxy analyst, developer and QA to establish test cases early.
      At least we don't have coders & QA independently interpreting written
      requirements and it should be possible to write code that passes
      acceptance tests the first try. With luck the "big bang" test at the end
      will be primarily regression; all new work should pass functional tests
      within the iteration.

      William Wake wrote:
      > On 2/25/06, Jim Standley <jimstandley@...> wrote:
      > [painful sounding situation]
      >> On the down side the vendor built it with no unit tests. Dependencies
      >> are hard-coded from top to bottom so it's often impossible to test even
      >> the simplest POJO without the server running - for logging if nothing
      >> else.
      > Could you wedge in a logging layer of your own to let you pull out at
      > least some of these into more of a unit testing environment? (It might
      > be worth asking around or doing a little metrics work to see which
      > classes seem to cause the most trouble. Even "most checkins" is
      > sometimes a suggestive indicator.)
      >> Scripted regression tests for the UI run 8 days (!) I'm told.
      > Are those automated or manual scripts? If they're manual, you may be
      > able to automate some of them & recover some QA time that you could
      > apply elsewhere.
      > Don Wells has a nice quote to the effect of "If you don't start adding
      > tests today, then one year from now you still won't have a good test
      > suite." Lack of an automated suite hurts agility, but it's not like
      > it's so good for waterfall either:)
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