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  • Ed Kraay
    Hi, ... You raise a good point, Keith, what sells isn t always what is good for users. To borrow yet again from Agile Estimating and Planning book, I ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2006

      > Though perhaps the best deal for the USER would actually be "3 major
      > new features and 10 usability improvements" or even "2 major new
      > features and 20 usability improvements". But the best deal for the
      > SELLER would be whatever seems easier to sell.

      You raise a good point, Keith, what sells isn't always what is good
      for users. To borrow yet again from "Agile Estimating and Planning"
      book, I've found that the Kano model
      <http://www.betterproductdesign.net/tools/definition/kano.htm> works
      pretty well to convince marketing to give up some exciter features for
      more threshold or linear features. Since customers satisfaction won't
      decrease by eliminating them, they are usually content with adding
      maybe one or two exciters rather than 3 or 4, in favor for more
      threshold features.

      What I am not sure of, is where does usability fall? Is it a 'more is
      better' type of feature, an 'I expect it to be that way' feature.
      Actually doing the research and submitting the surveys would probably
      be required for the product in question to know for sure. I have to
      admit, I have yet to get one of these surveys into the hands of
      customers, just to sales people. I use the model more to talk about
      the class of features
      customers are asking for, and to push back on marketing and sales when
      they request too many risky exciters to a release.


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