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[extremeprogramming] Antwort: only code what you need today - rubbish !

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  • Ralf Christmann
    X don t do the thinking -job for you! if you have two solutions for one problem, do you always take the complex one? No, only if you have a reason do to so.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2000
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      X don't do the "thinking"-job for you!

      if you have two solutions for one problem, do you always take the
      complex one? No, only if you have a reason do to so.
      You have a reason(?), okay then do it.
      But if you don't have a reason, then waste time and
      money on a complex solution.


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      Thema: [extremeprogramming] only code what you need today - rubbish !

      If you always write the simplist ( and the most specific ) solution to your
      current immediate requirement you will generate problems.
      The next guy that comes along with a slightly different problem will write
      own specific class. It would take longer to work back looking for a way
      to generlalise the solution at a higher class level. With lots of
      you get lots of classes over time, likely some bits will be cut and paste
      from other classes. When a bug is fixed or implementation improved its only
      fixed in some of these bits of code. A new maintenance programmer has lots
      of code to work with instead of just one. Some will be subtly different
      their own bugs. Your best coders will hate you for making them produce
      and leave for other companys. Tell me Im wrong ( Im sure you will ) . . .
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