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RE: [XP] Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team System

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  • Paul Jenkins
    We ve been using VS2005 in a team of 6 since November to work in an XP environment; the subject of Team System inevitably came up, but because of various
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 11, 2006
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      We've been using VS2005 in a team of 6 since November to work in an XP
      environment; the subject of Team System inevitably came up, but because of
      various issues we decided against it at kickoff & we're getting along
      reasonably happily with Pro.

      Probably the most effective tool we've used so far from a TDD perspective is
      the TestRunner from http://www.mailframe.net/Products/TestRunner/2005/ - it
      manages to pack in - as well as a runner integrated into the same docking
      area as Solution Explorer - test profiling, test coverage report (you can
      save the profile and coverage reports to XML for later conversion to html)
      and a clever colouring scheme within the editor that outlines a test method
      and shows the state of its last execution. You can select groups of tests
      from the testrunner window, in various options. But the sweetest feature by
      far is the ability to execute the current test using a keystroke combination
      (CTRL-R,T) without taking your hands off the keyboard (er, obviously) and
      the coloured method outline in the editor means that you don't have to take
      your eyes off the code either to see the result of the test (the method
      outline turns yellow while the test is running, then to green or red when
      the test executes).

      As far as refactoring support, VS support isn't fantastic (although you can
      just about get by) and we've not found anything brilliant yet - although
      I've tried a slew of them in the past couple of weeks... Refactor! /
      CodeRush, JustCode etc. I guess until the release of Resharper 2.0 (which
      also has an integrated Test Runner, similar to that in IdeaJ), refactoring
      will have to remain a mostly manual operation.

      As for the other features of Team System, we originally set up to use
      CruiseControl.Net as our integration server, NAnt plus scripts for any
      complex build related stuff that we need to do, and Subversion with AnkhSVN
      to glue it together with VS 2005; it works fine, and was one of the reasons
      we chose not go with TS unless we saw any obvious benefits.


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      I'm implanting XP in my project, we use C#, i i'm studing to use
      visual studio team system, it seems to have a lot of resourcecs to
      work to XP.

      I know that the most of the XP developers use java, but i see that the
      new VS have improvements how Unit Test, and some tool to do refactory.

      Anyone is already using VS 2005?

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