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RE: [XP] Early stage experince reports?

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  • Kenig, Neil
    The transition can be difficult, even with buy-in. One trick is to get people to agree to buy-in for a specified period of time, say a month or two. This way
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2005
      The transition can be difficult, even with buy-in. One trick is to get
      people to agree to buy-in for a specified period of time, say a month or
      two. This way when objections arise you can say "you agreed to try this
      for two months, so let's give it all that we've got for that time and
      then see if you still feel the same way." The fly in this ointment is
      if you're working with legacy code. In this case, you'll probably spend
      a disproportionate amount of time writing test fixtures in the beginning
      and two months might not be enough time.

      As for "anti-patterns", they run the gamut. Most people are reluctant
      to change to some degree or another. If people are satisfied with the
      status quo, reluctance will be higher. "But we've always done it this
      way." "That will never work." "If it ain't broke don't fix it." That's
      why I recommend the approach above. If people see a potential end, they
      feel less threatened.

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      > Hi,
      > I'm consulting at a company that are in the very early stages
      > of "doing XP". The decision to move to XP was more driven by
      > trend than principle so there's no real management buy-in.
      > I've found some great material retrospecting on projects that
      > have gone well or with minor adjustments worked out. What
      > I've not seen is any material that looks at a down and dirty
      > early stage project. I understand reluctance to post this
      > kind of thing but these kinds of "anti-process" examples
      > would be valuable to me and I'm sure others. Could anyone
      > recommend any case studies I should check out.
      > thanks,
      > Crispin
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