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Re: [XP] Systems Engineering Methods for Agile Projects?

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  • John Carter
    ... Whoo. Slow down. You used the phrase Systems Engineering and Extreme Programming in the same paragraph. Next you will be wanting local governments to
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 28, 2005
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      On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, aramsay18 wrote:

      > This paper will be about systems engineering strategies for
      > architectural design and systems integration in response to issues
      > arising from development methods known as agile programming. Extreme
      > Programming (XP) is perhaps the best known and widely practiced agile
      > programming methodology. First, XP is defined and its objectives,
      > principles,

      Whoo. Slow down.

      You used the phrase "Systems Engineering" and "Extreme Programming" in the
      same paragraph.

      Next you will be wanting local governments to get more involved in the UN!

      Extreme programming has always only claimed to be a small team

      Systems Engineering's primary concern is with large project, multiteam,
      end to end aspects of large multi-discipline systems.

      A bit of an impedance mismatch.

      It looks like you are setting up a strawman. (Town Councils are a form of
      government, so town councillors should run the United Nations) Then you
      can spend the article explaining why its all a Bad idea. (XP doesn't fit
      the Best Practices mandated by Systems Engineering.)

      In a very large system, multi-project, multi-team, multi-discipline,
      end-to-end situation like I find myself in (Public Mobile Radio/Telecoms),
      XP _has_ to be modified substantially to fit in with the requirements of
      Systems Engineering.

      ie. The requirement that the Whole System must work well governs
      everything. It must work from deployment, configuration, from terminal to
      base station, through infrastructure, to next base, to next terminal, to
      whatever that is attached to.

      ie. XP is merely a way (one of many ways) of implementing (in software) a
      (smallish) subsystem of what the customer (where the Systems Engineer is
      but one of several customers) demands in a manner that is (hopefully)
      faster, less buggy, and more flexible.

      Take care, your dog is being wagged by it's tail.

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