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To all those offended/confused/whatever by my use of the word "idiot"

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  • Ken Boucher
    You have my apologies. As has been pointed out repeatedly, I simply don t understand the meaning of the word, idiot . Since I know I m an idiot, this comes as
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2005
      You have my apologies.

      As has been pointed out repeatedly, I simply don't understand the
      meaning of the word, "idiot".

      Since I know I'm an idiot, this comes as no surprise to me.
      And since you know I know I'm an idiot, this is probably no
      surprise to any of you either. But at least many of you were kind
      enough to try and correct me and educate me. For that I thank

      Unfortunately, try as I might, I simply can't find a better way to
      say what I wanted to say. Every time I try to wordsmith it
      properly it just sounds forced, if not downright absurd.

      To those whom I may have given the impression that they should
      use the same set of guidelines I use, I also apologise. I have no
      guess what set of guidelines you should use, since your
      situation is undoubtedly different from mine.

      I know some of my impressions over the years are different from
      other people. I've had more success with music and lit majors
      than with computer science majors. (A minor in math is definately
      a big plus though.) Dropouts also have a huge appeal to me. I've
      learned a lot from the dropouts I've met over the years and have
      often been impressed by the things they've had to teach me.

      Now I would not be remotely surprised to hear from someone that
      they have had the opposite experience. If so, I highly reccomend
      that they ignore my point of view completely, since their experiences
      are so very different from mine.

      And keep in mind, these posts come from someone who knows
      he's an idiot, proven by the fact that he still knows that even though
      he also knows that he doesn't really know what the word "idiot"
      really means. I'll try to be less of an idiot in the future and I do
      listen to everyone and try to learn from it. It's just that sometimes
      I'm incredibly slow and don't get it until much later than everyone

      So, to all involved, I am very sorry.
      Unfortunately, after all these years, I am still only an egg.
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