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Re: [XP] Disruptions

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  • Ron Jeffries
    ... Don ... I quite agree ... ... ... when we discover disagreements on the use of key terms in our discipline, I think it s a good exercise to dig in and
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2005
      On Saturday, October 1, 2005, at 6:41:08 AM, Donald Roby wrote:

      > Communication is a rather important facet of XP in my understanding.
      > Language and the meaning of words being quite important in human
      > communication, I don't see a disruption. A bit of a drift certainly,
      > when you get to debating prescription versus description, but is it
      > really a major problem?

      Don ... I quite agree ...

      > Further, much of the discussion ensued from disagreements over the
      > meaning of the word "refactoring". I think the usage of that word
      > specifically is very much on-topic, and have enjoyed watching the
      > discussion. I plan to contribute my two cents to that thread, though
      > I'm so late joining, it may be somewhat redundant.

      ... when we discover disagreements on the use of key terms in our
      discipline, I think it's a good exercise to dig in and figure out
      what each of us is seeing and not seeing.

      For any topic here, some posters may be interested, and some may
      not. My advice to folks who would like to see more material of a
      given kind or style is to post more material of that kind, and to
      participate actively enough to continue to shape the discussion if
      it starts to get "off track" in their opinion.

      Discussions here do sometimes go more deeply into "the whichness of
      the why" than I personally care for, but I would not rule them out
      of bounds: I trust that they'll die on their own. I am inclined to
      moderate discussions that veer too strongly into the big three
      trouble topics, Religion, S*x, or Politics, or that get too

      Ron Jeffries
      Find the simple path to what works and follow it,
      always looking for a simpler path. -- Patrick D. Smith
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