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RE: Teaching OOP Was: Not Good Enough for Agile?

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  • Noel Welsh
    ... Scheme, ... retain ... Well I m biased and think everyone should learn Scheme. However there are a few other resources that don t necessarily require
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 8, 2005
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      Tony Nassar wrote:

      > This entire thread has been very unusual and
      > interesting. I wonder if anyone knows of more systematic
      > treatments of the problem of *teaching* OOP (i.e.,
      > references to books, journals, etc.). I don't know
      > but I'd be willing to learn if it gave me a different
      > perspective on how to teach than the one I probably
      > from my undergrad years (Wayne State '84, BSCS).

      Well I'm biased and think everyone should learn Scheme.
      However there are a few other resources that don't
      necessarily require learning Scheme:

      For a start How to Design Class Hierarchies uses Java,
      assuming students who have already taken How to Design
      Programs using Scheme (btw, HtDP is online:

      There are many publications explaining the philosophy
      the course:


      In particular:

      The Structure and Interpretation of the Computer Science

      The TeachScheme! Project: Computing and Programming for
      Every Student


      The other big undergraduate education project I know of is
      BlueJ, which uses Java:


      BlueJ has a very similar philosophy to the TeachScheme
      project. I tend to agree with my buddy Matt that Scheme is
      a superior introductory language to Java:


      I also believe the BlueJ curriculum doesn't have any
      equivalent to the TeachScheme design recipes.

      CTM is the final project I'm aware of that is innovating in
      undergrad introductory education:


      The book, CTM, is well worth reading. They don't seem to
      have as developed a philosophy and curriculum as
      and BlueJ.

      I know the guys behind TeachScheme and I'm sure they'd be
      happy to field further questions about their work.


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