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Re: How fast should the UT run? -- fast enough to integrate after every test?

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  • Jeff Grigg
    ... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Integrating at every green bar... Now that s something I d like to try! - jeff
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2005
      >> --- Ron Jeffries wrote:
      >> If it's just seconds [to run the tests], as you and others
      >> report, that would enable much smaller work sessions. Do a
      >> few minutes' work, make the world a better place, integrate.
      >> That could be cool, and I think it would be better all
      >> around if a team worked that way.

      --- "Steve Bate" <steve@t...> wrote:
      > Yes. Everybody had their own preferences about often
      > they integrated, but I do believe the fast tests
      > encouraged frequent integration.
      > Some people would integrate after every new test passed.


      Integrating at every green bar...
      Now that's something I'd like to try!
      - jeff
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