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XP2005 - The Coder's Dojo Workshop - call for participation

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  • emmanuel gaillot
    Hi everyone, This message is an invitation to attend our workshop The Coder s Dojo : A different way to teach coding skills on Sunday 6/19 during the XP2005
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      This message is an invitation to attend our workshop

      "The Coder's Dojo : A different way to teach coding skills"

      on Sunday 6/19 during the XP2005 conference in Sheffield (see program
      details at http://www.xp2005.org/Program)

      If you value your programming skills, if you believe there must be
      better ways to teach programming than the usual 3-day long crash
      course in -- whatever programming language suits you -- if you'd
      finally like to know more about the experiment we have been conducting
      in Paris for the last six month... We'd love to have you join us for
      this Dojo session.

      We welcome attendees at any level of programming skills. Both the
      green and the seasoned will learn something from the workshop. We do
      expect two things from attendees, however:
      * motivation to improve their programming skills
      * willingness to code in front of an audience

      Typically, students agree on a programming challenge, or "kata", to be
      performed in the next dojo session. They may (or may not) practice the
      kata at home. At the session, the student who performs the kata will
      start from scratch – as we say: "leave your relics behind." The goal
      is to work through the whole kata in a limited amount of time. The
      audience may call the performing student on flaws in form or

      We provide you with two katas you may want to explore prior to the
      session. Descriptions and acceptance tests may be found at the wiki
      we've set up:


      Want to know more?
      Please visit the wiki or send us an email with any question you have
      in mind. We'll be glad to answer you.

      Looking forward to seeing you on June 19,

      Laurent Bossavit & Emmanuel Gaillot
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