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RE: [XP] the thing about unit and system testing

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  • James Cloughley
    I guess I should note that I m not discounting the tests. Currently we re not getting any failed tests except where someone hasn t checked in the change to
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 29, 2005
      I guess I should note that I'm not discounting the tests. Currently
      we're not getting any failed tests except where someone hasn't checked
      in the change to the test along with the actual change to code. I look
      everyday to see what came out of my automated unit tests. I have 2380
      tests that ran clean last night. That of course makes me happy. The
      fact that my group (the only one with automated unit/system tests)
      hasn't had to hotfix for months while other groups have been hotfixing
      sometimes weekly makes me smile. I'm on the right track. Convincing
      others has been harder...


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      On 4/28/05, Friedrich Brunzema <brunzefb@...> wrote:
      > I agree with Ron that writing the tests first as means to drive the
      > development is probably more valuable than just having the tests.
      > I would however not want to live without the tests. I have experienced

      > test failures too many times in situations where I thought that making

      > a change was dead simple and safe. Sometimes making small changes in
      > core functionality would cause scores of tests to fail. With the
      > tests, I just feel more confident to move ahead. I would feel
      > extremely uneasy doing any kind of refactoring without the test
      > support.
      > Friedrich Brunzema
      > Extreme Programmer & Coach

      Just to add my experience to what Friedrich has said, I am working at a
      company that is adopting XP, we have an existing product. We are
      commited to
      not creating new code without unit testing and adding unit testing to
      exiting classes that we have to touch due to bug fixes or because the
      feature touches that class. One of the Central classes of our system was
      approximately 3KLOC class that had grown to a huge monster class. We
      been able to get unit tests and fit tests around its critical
      and we have been able to reduce the class to less than 400 LOC, we would
      have dared to attempt a refactoring of that magnitude without unit and
      tests. (And of course Michael Feathers and JB Riansberger's pair of

      Brandon Campbell

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