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RE: [XP] Austism and programmers

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  • jim_long@agilent.com
    Raymond: I m an excellent programmer. Charlie: That s good. Come on! Susanna, why d you let him use the computer? It s not a toy. Susanna: He says he programs
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 13, 2005
      Raymond: I'm an excellent programmer.
      Charlie: That's good. Come on! Susanna, why'd you let him use
      the computer? It's not a toy.
      Susanna: He says he programs this computer.
      Raymond: Dad let's me code slow on the driveway every Saturday.
      'Course the OS was originally DOS, now its a pitiful XP.
      Charlie: [surprised] Hey, the OS was DOS. You know this computer?
      Raymond: I know this computer.
      Charlie: How do you know this computer?
      Raymond: It's a 1984 PC-AT with a 80286 with 3 16-bit expansion
      slots, a 5.25" floppy drive, and a 20MB hard drive. Only
      248,985 production models. Dad let's me cut code on Saturdays.
      But not on Monday, definitely not on Monday.

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      > William Pietri wrote:
      > > In it she specifically recommends computer programming as
      > a great career
      > > for people with Asperger's and other high-end forms of autism.
      > This has been one of my .sigs for a while:
      > A surprising number of autistic people are borderline
      > programmers.
      > --George
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