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Building organizational trust by trusting the organization?

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  • Brad Appleton
    I ve been doing some more blogging at continuing on the subject of the first thing to build is trust . Part of it stemmed from a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
      I've been doing some more blogging at
      continuing on the subject of "the first thing to build is trust".

      Part of it stemmed from a thread on the XP list entitled "XP/Agile scales fine! XP attitudes do NOT!" about treating the organizational impositions/constraints on an agile team as "stories" and treating the organization as another form of "customer". And some of it came from something I read on Esther Derby's blog in correlation with something I read in Roger Sessions' latest newsletter (see the blof entry at the URL above to follow the hyperlinks to these related items).

      At the end, I pose the question: What are some good ways an agile team can build trust with CM, QA/V&V, Program Management, and Systems Engineering?

      I'll be following up today or tomorrow with some ways of doing this for CM, but I'm interested in others' stories on how they've done this with any of these stakeholder groups within the larger projectcommunity of a large organization. (Or if you're one of those stakeholder groups, what would an agile project/team need to do in order to build trust with your group?)

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