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Re: [XP] What persuades organizations to adopt XP?

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  • Phlip
    ... first ... developer, ... I have heard of venture capitalists asking for it by name. ... 4 is the sticky point, because you can t just show up at a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
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      Antony Grinyer wrote:

      > I'm keen to understand what persuades organisations to adopt XP in the
      > place! I believe that XP may largely be adopted by organisations due to:
      > 1) The influence of a senior figure in an organisation e.g. lead
      > project manager, or even the customer!

      I have heard of venture capitalists asking for it by name.

      > 2) Following the 'methodology fashion' at the time - Following corporate
      > giants or industry gurus who advocate XP worth.
      > 3) Keeping up with competitors. "If they're doing XP so should we!"
      > 4) Tired of problems associated with their current software development
      > methodology.

      4 is the sticky point, because you can't just show up at a workplace and
      say, "This sucks! You all are doing it wrong!" The reason is roughly the
      Stockholm Syndrom, where folks bond with the anxiety of being held hostage
      by their debugger and defect tracking system.

      > I'd be very interested to know what persuaded others to adopt XP?
      > My motivation is to understand how XP is 'bought in' to an organisation.
      > like to use XP in our organisation, but already suspect resistance may be
      > fierce from the powers that be.

      What does the competition use? (All my competition uses strict Code-and-Fix,
      so _I_ can't start there ;)

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