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Re: [XP] XP and geographically distributed people

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    From: Antonio Larrosa Jiménez To: extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 28, 2005
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      From: "Antonio Larrosa Jiménez"
      To: "extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com"
      Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 6:25 AM
      Subject: [XP] XP and geographically distributed people


      I'm trying to understand Extreme Programming, and so far I've liked it very
      much. The question I have is how would XP handle the case when the client
      the developers are geographically distant one from the other and so cannot
      meet so often. What are the experiences of people already using XP about
      that? Is phone-calling enough? do you have to travel often in order to
      organize meetings between clients and developers?

      Communication is going to suffer when they're separate. You
      need to do something to enhance communication. People have
      tried different things with different degrees of success. Phone
      conversations, e-mail, a team wiki, teleconferences and similar
      things all work for some people and some organizations, and
      not for others.

      Also, in my experience clients usually don't care about partial releases as
      long as the final schedule is met. Do clients accept easily this "meet
      methodology ?

      Installed deliverables at intervals of three months or less
      are a _critical_ element of a successful project. The likelihood
      of success starts going down drastically after that.

      I'd enquire as to why the customer doesn't want functionality
      earlier. There are a lot of reasons, but deployment, support
      and an expectation of disruption are very high on the list.

      John Roth


      Antonio Larrosa
      TEDIAL - Tecnologías Digitales Audiovisuales, S.L.

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