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FW: [XP] External 'Reviews' of Design

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  • Kent Beck
    Oops. I wasn t quite finished with that one. Here s the whole thing: Since this sort of independent review is one of the things that I have done in the past,
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      Oops. I wasn't quite finished with that one. Here's the whole thing:

      Since this sort of independent review is one of the things that I have done
      in the past, I'll support it. Here is the value I've seen from independent
      * Practice drift
      * Learning
      * Perspective

      The reviewer should be open minded enough not to be trying to impose his
      will on the project. A competent waterfall project manager could be valuable
      to an XP project, but not if he is trying to "convert" the project. For that
      matter, a competent XPer could be valuable to a waterfall project with the
      same proviso. As a reviewer, I am there to ask questions that either no one
      thought of or no one dares ask and to share the ideas that are sparked by
      the confluence of the project and its unique context with my history and

      Dale Emery's recent post seems important for reviews: "The key for me is not
      to presume that I know what is in another person's interest." Reviewers and
      reviewees both need to keep this in mind. Part of the value of the review is
      in helping the reviewee learn better what is in his interest. The review
      will bounce between figuring out what value is desired and delivering that
      value. I appreciated this comment because it has been a persistent problem
      for me. I tend to want to solve BIG problems. Sometimes, though, creating a
      trust relationship between me and a client IS a big problem and it can only
      be solved by addressing an apparently-small, even superficial, surface

      In conclusion, I think external reviews are an excellent practice if they
      are done well.

      Kent Beck
      Three Rivers Institute

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      Subject: [XP] External 'Reviews' of Design

      Hi, and Happy 2005!

      I'd like to throw a question out there for discussion. Is there value
      in having programmers external to an XP project come and review a
      design periodically?

      I'd be interested in hearing opinions, rants, experiences, and
      motivations for doing /not doing this.

      Chris Wheeler
      Extreme Programmer & Coach

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