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RE: [XP] Re: Integrating too frequently? (Was RE: Asynchronous ve rsus synchron ous continuous integration)

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  • Appleton Brad-BRADAPP1
    ... You might be interested in the Palantir project, whose goal is to raise awareness among configuration management workspaces . See the ICSE-2003 paper at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2005
      > How about having the workspace indicate the activity of others in
      > real-time on a line-by-line basis so you're instantly aware if
      > someone's working on a line/section of code you're even just
      > looking at?

      You might be interested in the "Palantir" project, whose goal is to "raise awareness among configuration management workspaces". See the ICSE-2003 paper at <http://sern.ucalgary.ca/courses/SENG/693/F00/readings/Hoek/icse2003-final.pdf>
      (PPT slides at <http://www.erenkrantz.com/Geeks/Research/presentations/Palantir%20Presentation.ppt>

      Also see
      "Building Collaboration into IDEs"
      [be sure to check out the RESOURCES section of this one]

      "A weakly constrained approach to software change coordination"
      [The main research hypothesis is that the productivity of software developers can be improved by minimising constraints on their activity while keeping them accurately informed about relevant parallel activity or other limitations that may affect them. Both the gathering and presentation of this information should be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing each developer to decide when and how to react to any conflict detected.]

      Palantir Abstract:
      Palantír is a system that aims to bring increased levels of awareness to configuration management (CM) systems. The goal of the project is to support developers with advanced graphical views that not only keeps them continuously aware of which artifacts are being changed, but also of the impact and severity of those changes.

      Palantír breaks the isolation currently separating distributed CM workspaces by keeping a developer continuously aware of the changes taking place elsewhere in the project. To do so, Palantír provides advanced graphical views, which are based on check-in / check-out information and show the changes that are being made to the artifacts that are of interest to the developer. Changes to an artifact are tracked at real time, and the severity (magnitude of change between the current and the previous version) and impact (influence of the change on the specified artifact) of each change are calculated and visualized. An event notification server is used for communication at real time and different visualizations can be chosen based on user needs.

      Palantír derives its name from The Lord of the Rings.
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