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96651[OT] "Don't tell my boss"

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  • J. B. Rainsberger
    Sep 21, 2004
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      jrb32002 wrote:

      >>In an industry full of really lousy estimators, I'm a really lousy
      >>estimator even by the industry's terrifically low standards.
      > Don't tell my boss this, but I'm not as good at it as I'd like
      > either. ;-)

      This just struck me as odd.

      If I were a boss, I would want my people to have the desire to improve,
      even though they're already quite good. In a way, as long as they're
      currently doing what I need of them, I'd /want/ them to say, "But you
      know, I'm still not as good a <role/> as I'd like to be...."
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