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96491Re: [OT] Clio? [was Re: [XP] I'm just _so_ Bad. Estimating.]

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Sep 15, 2004
      On Wednesday, September 15, 2004, at 2:58:15 AM, Julian Boot wrote:

      > On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:57:55 -0400, Ron Jeffries
      > <ronjeffries@...> wrote:

      >> Cards. No, really. I have every pen computer ever made. (Anyone want to buy
      >> a Cleo?) I have every time-management tool.

      > Do you mean a Vadem Clio ?

      Yes. You're reading my mind. :)

      > I have one of those - the hardware is so
      > very very cool. I had very high hopes. I used it as a wireless
      > web-pad for a couple of years but the OS sucked. I spent about 18
      > months helping port Linux to it - we had X running on it in the end in
      > an attempt to get a decent OS - but the power management we never got
      > right - needed a new set of ROMs.

      It's a very pretty computer. With WinCE on it, the word "computer" might
      just be a courtesy.

      > I *really* want a tablet computer to replace pens and paper - my
      > Newton MP2001 comes closest, but its connectivity is too limiting.
      > Still waiting ...

      I have, or had: Momenta, Clio, Palm, Treo, iPaq. Also some weird ultrasonic
      pen with a tether, and the truly phallic Logitech IO. Currently running
      Toshiba M200.

      None of them have it right. I have a theory about what right is, and am
      waiting for Microsoft to hire me to help them build it. Probably it would
      help if I were to build a prototype for them to look at ... :)

      Ron Jeffries
      If you're not throwing some gravel once in a while,
      you're not using the whole road.
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