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95403RE: [XP] Re: TDD, XP and debuggers

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  • Ilja Preuss
    Aug 18, 2004
      Adrian Howard wrote:
      > On 17 Aug 2004, at 12:22, Ilja Preuss wrote:
      > [snip]
      >> It's certainly the case that without pairing/reviews I am more
      >> likely to
      >> *miss* tests - but I don't think that I get more *wrong* tests that
      >> cancel out with wrong implementation...
      > I think it could happen over time.
      > - Lack of pairing might mean I miss duplication so a bit
      > of business logic gets into foo and bar.
      > - My acceptance test for the business logic only uses foo.
      > - Later I change bar incorrectly, but the foo test still passes.
      > False-pass for that bit of business logic.

      Yes, but I thought that we were talking about a test that was wrong. Not
      sure wether that matters, though...

      Cheers, Ilja
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