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9488Re: [XP] Monitors Face the Middle or Face the Wall?

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  • Kevin Smith
    Aug 4, 2000
      >My personal choice would be for the monitors to be placed sideways, with
      >people sitting side-on to the wall - so that when you're working you can
      >look to one side out of a window (to help your eyes refocus and relax), and
      >look to the other side in towards the office.

      This sounds reasonable. Someone else mentioned that you don't want to look
      above your monitor and see someone staring at you. Also reasonable. Sounds

      d d
      - -
      d d

      ...where | is a 4' partition, and d is a 2-person table/desk, where people
      sit facing the partition.

      This does not promote spotting puzzled looks on other folks' faces, but is
      open enough not to discourage it either.


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