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  • Brad Appleton
    Jul 30, 2004
      On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 01:27:09AM -0700, Steven Gordon wrote:
      > This page emphasizes DMADV, like DMAIC, still uses:
      > - Six Sigma methodologies to drive defects to less than 3.4 per
      > million opportunities.
      > - Data intensive solution approaches. Intuition has no place in Six
      > Sigma -- only cold, hard facts.

      Keep in mind that weith DMAIC/DMADV we're talking about the
      methodology used to improve/design a process. The process being
      improved could be anything (agile, waterfall, or whatever).
      Dont mistake the DMAIC/DMADV lifecycle or process with the
      software development process. One is being used as a means
      of improving the other.

      For example, in my organization (as with many others Im sure),
      when someone says "try this, its a 'best practice'" or "it's
      way better than what we do now". there are a lot of folks
      in the organization that say "sez you! prove it!"

      So If someone points out that we have a problem with
      code reviews (maybe we dont do 'em, maybe we do - but very
      badly), then maybe someone else says "let's try pair
      programming as an alternative to formal inspections".
      Now in an organization that embraces SixSigma, one can
      do a pilot project using the DMAIC method to try
      PairProgramming, do some data gathering and analysis,
      and try to see how much better the result is in terms
      of better "quality" (which one must first decide how they
      will measure it).

      > There is nothing about short iterations, or quick feeback. Quite the
      > opposite, on paper this approach calls for big up front design in the
      > form of a rigorous definition, and collection of all the data, before
      > we analyze, and then design, and then and only then get our
      > feedback through verification.

      Again - be careful not to mistake the process improvement
      methodology with the process being "improved".

      Granted, one could, I suppose, try to use SixSigma as the
      development methodology itself. I dont really see that.
      And in the context of SixSigma and "agile" methods, what
      I see is SixSigma methods being used to design/define,
      measure, and analyze the results of proposed process
      improvements that are intended to raise one's agility.

      Brad Appleton <brad@...> www.bradapp.net
      Software CM Patterns (www.scmpatterns.com)
      Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration
      "And miles to go before I sleep." -- Robert Frost
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