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9289RE: [XP] Monitors Face the Middle or Face the Wall?

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  • Bram Cohen
    Aug 2, 2000
      On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Kent Beck wrote:

      > I much prefer everyone facing each other, but I'm not sure why. Any
      > architects or feng shui geomancers out there care to explain?

      According to Peopleware, people are much more productive when they have
      objects in the distance for their eyes to wander over during idle
      moments. It's also much better for your eyes.

      Also, people can talk to each other and interact while facing each other,
      which they really really don't do while all facing the walls.

      Finally, people are much mare relaxed when they don't feel that people
      might be looking over their shoulder judging if they're working enough at
      every moment. Management often specifically wants desks facing the wall so
      that they can do this. I don't work at such companies any more.

      -Bram Cohen
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